Aragón: Aligning incentives to create wealth.

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An Investment firm for the 21st century.
We invest alongside you. We make money only if you do.


Aragón Value Partners pursues a value based investment strategy targeting returns of 15% annually.  View Our Results


We invest our personal wealth using Aragón Value Strategy. Our money and your money are invested using the same strategy.


You pay us only if we make your money grow – we do not charge “management fees” or “administrative fees".


Our goals are 100% aligned with yours – our only objective is to make your money and our money grow.

What We Believe

We believe in free markets. We believe that markets are not efficient. We believe that good companies are often undervalued by markets, and present investment opportunities. We don’t believe in chasing money flows. We believe in investing, not in speculating.

We believe that incentives drive behavior. We believe that principal and agent incentives should be aligned. We believe in win-win. We believe that hard work pays off. We believe in getting paid for performance, not “management” or “administration.” We believe that results are what matters.

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