Aragón Value Partners employs a long, equity-based, value strategy, investing in stocks. We target a 15% annualized return. Our strategy is to purchase companies that are undervalued based on our analysis of their intrinsic worth.


We are a buy-and-hold investor. We do not short equities or trade on margin. We do not employ leverage. We assume a two-year hold period on all of our investment positions, though we will exit earlier if the fundamentals of the company change or meet our intrinsic value target.


We are a high conviction, focused investor. We prefer to concentrate our holdings in companies we firmly believe in, rather than spreading ourselves across a large number of positions. If our investment philosophy aligns with yours, please contact us for an initial consultation.



In order to invest with Aragon Value Partners, you must be a qualified investor as required by the Securities and Exchange Commission. Minimum account size $500,000.